Overseas Low Vision Network


August, 2010

Dear Madam/Sir,

How fast the time flies as this year is already the tenth anniversary of our Organization!

The purpose of this organization was to promote the ocular inflammatory disease such as Behçet’s Disease (Silk Road disease) of which cause is unknown, and to support the patients with Behçet’s Disease along the Silk Road by sending medicine.

However we were forced to give up one of our activities, to send medicine, over there in spite of the expectation of the local patients due to the instability of the public order.

Meanwhile, we had a chance to learn the situations of the patients with ocular inflammation in Vietnam and Korea in Asia Region. They were about the lack of surgical instruments for cataract surgery in Vietnam and daily aids for the visually impaired in Korea. This started us to send surgical instruments to Vietnam and daily aids such as Closed circuit TV to Korea since 2006. It is more than delighted for us to hear that the people and patients in these countries are quite happy with them.

As these examples show, our activities have expanded not only for the patients with Behçet’s Disease but also for the visually impaired (low vision people). This is the reason why we sent you questionnaires about our Organization’s name, which resulted in changing the name of our Organization written in the Articles of Association into “Overseas Low Vision Network”.

I’d like to take this as a big opportunity to expand our Organization’s activities much wider. And finally let me ask all of you continuous guidance and generosity to us more than ever.

Minoru Nishida

Non-profit Organization, Overseas Low Vision Network

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